Krystal Versace (source: Gay Times)

October 10 is Krystal Versace’s birthday.

The reason that I’m writing a profile of her today is that she just won Season 3 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race UK,” making her the second Libra queen in a row to take the UK crown. Until Lawrence Chaney won Season 2, no other Libra queen had won an English-speaking version of RPDR.

I can admit that I didn’t see it coming. I put Krystal at the bottom of my list going into the season because I hated her nose contour in the promo shots. Just like those stupid, stripy eyebrows that half the queens in the world wore for a year or two after Valentina made them popular, the swordfish-like nose contour has become a ridiculous trend (whoever thought that Magnolia Crawford would be influencing the queens so many seasons after her two-episode stint on Season 6?). If any wannabe queens out there have watched the first two episodes of “Drag Race Italia,” they should take a look at Farida Kant. Now that’s how you contour a nose!

But I digress. I’m quite astounded that the three winners of the UK version of the show and the sole winner of “Drag Race Espana” all were born under the three zodiac signs that have never won the American version of the show. The Vivienne is an Aries, both Lawrence Chaney and Krystal Versace are Libra natives, and Carmen Farala is a Scorpio. This bizarre trend sort of mirrors “Drag Race Thailand” which had the only Capricorn winner until Symone took the crown on Season 13 of the American version, and the only Libra winner until Lawrence and Krystal came along. It’s also interesting to note that the only two “plus-sized” winners have had cardinal sun-signs. Am I calling Libras and Capricorns fat? Well, if the caftan fits . . .

I’m kidding! Anyway, I’m expecting Farida Kant to win “Italia” because so far she is in a league of her own. If Pythia or Gia Metric win “Drag Race Canada,” the trend of awarding the win to signs that have never won the crown on the US version of the show will continue. I’m kind of feeling as if Pythia will go all the way after seeing her trot out onto the runway in a centaur costume earlier this week. Watching her lounge on the couch in that outfit in “Untucked” was one of the most-iconic moments in “Drag Race” herstory. My money is on another Libra winner!

I might have a look at Krystal Versace’s chart sometime in the future (maybe I can revisit it on her birthday next year), but for now I just want to consider the stats. I just read that the Season 14 cast of the US version of the show will be announced next week. Maybe RuPaul will cast nothing but Scorpio contestants just to get one his fellow Scorpions into the finale without creating too much controversy. Isn’t that right, Sherry Pie and Kandy Muse?

I guess we’ll know soon enough. I can’t wait to see how this turns out . . .

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