Garcelle Beauvais (source: The Daily Mail)

November 26 is Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday.

I really wanted to like Garcelle Beauvais when she first joined the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Unfortunately, she teamed up with Denise Richards: the shittiest housewife in “Housewives” history. Denise wasn’t bad a being a TV star. However, she was terrible at being a TV star on a reality show where the rules she had to follow were written in stone during hundreds of previous episodes. Never has a housewife thought that she was so much bigger than the show that she could shout “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” to the cameras to shut down production. It was loathsome and disrespectful to the people who were paying her to be a part of the franchise.

I still don’t understand why Garcelle still believes that it was the rest of the cast’s fault that Denise wouldn’t play along. Yes, these women poke and prod each other to create drama; it’s a fucking reality show, Garcelle. No one crossed a line with Denise.

Anyway, Garcelle isn’t the first Sagittarius housewife to cause a ruckus on one of these shows. Dorinda Medley, NeNe Leakes and Jill Zarin have all been quite controversial. The thing about Sagittarius natives is that they’ll fight with you one minute, and offer to hug it out the next. I’m not sure, though, if Garcelle is as forgiving at the stereotypical Sagittarius housewife. With her Taurus moon and Jupiter in Leo, she’s a lot less flexible than her Sagittarius counterparts.

I still have high hopes that I’m going to like her a lot more than I currently do. COVID-19 played a big part in the production of the show since Garcelle came on board. I know that these women were not interacting in normal circumstances. I don’t know how I would behave as I was shuttled from quarantine one moment to some mansion or resort the next, getting told to act normally as if nothing else was going on in the world. I’m sure that her stress-levels were exceptionally high as she navigated the pandemic the best she could (as a single mother; as a new homeowner; as someone whose career was being reinvented on a daily basis). What I did see during the last season of RHOBH, however, was a woman who was on her last nerve far too often. When she wasn’t bristling at the sound of the other women’s voices, she was actually quite delightful.

So, I guess I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for now. Maybe I’ll learn to like her when she’s not stressed-out. I mean Meredith Marks, another Sagittarius, is starting to grow on me. On the other hand, Lisa Barlow is a Sagittarius, too . . .

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