Well, I didn’t learn to like her after all . . .

Star Struck Style

Garcelle Beauvais (source: The Daily Mail)

November 26 is Garcelle Beauvais’ birthday.

I really wanted to like Garcelle Beauvais when she first joined the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Unfortunately, she teamed up with Denise Richards: the shittiest housewife in “Housewives” history. Denise wasn’t bad a being a TV star. However, she was terrible at being a TV star on a reality show where the rules she had to follow were written in stone during hundreds of previous episodes. Never has a housewife thought that she was so much bigger than the show that she could shout “Bravo, Bravo, Bravo” to the cameras to shut down production. It was loathsome and disrespectful to the people who were paying her to be a part of the franchise.

I still don’t understand why Garcelle still believes that it was the rest of the cast’s fault that Denise wouldn’t play along. Yes…

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