Star Struck Style

1215.w.gucci_.lo2_-1542x20752Alessandro Michele (source: W)

November 25 is Alessandro Michele’s birthday . . . or is it?

The notoriously-inaccurate website “Famous Birthdays” claims that today is Alessandro Michele’s birthday. I Googled his name a moment after visiting the site that to discover that his Wikipedia bio does not list a date of birth. A little research led me to a couple of different sites. One claimed that he was born on January 1. I don’t believe that because many of the sites that compile celebrity birth dates will automatically list January 1 when an actual birth date is not entered into the database. Another site claimed that he is a Scorpio.

At first, the closest I could get to confirming the actual date was a quote from the Gucci designer himself on the “W” website (click the link above):

“My father was a shaman. He told me that time doesn’t…

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