Alessandro Michele (source: The New York Times)

Three major stories have captivated the fashion press over the past week or two. First, Tom Ford sold his namesake business to Estée Lauder. Then Raf Simons announced that he is shuttering his own label. Finally, the news broke that Alessandro Michele is stepping down as Creative Director at Gucci.

What’s interesting to me is that Jupiter has essentially been stationary in the final degrees of Pisces for the last several days: the planet has only moved six minutes in the week since the announcement of the Tom Ford acquisition. Over the next week, Jupiter will only move about another five or six minutes. Now that it has gone direct, it’s going to take a while for the planet to pick up speed again.

Does that mean that even more big news is about to break in the world of fashion before Jupiter reenters Aries on December 20? I wouldn’t be surprised if it did! So far, this cosmic event is both marking the end of an era and the start of a new age in the fashion business.

I’m going to pay attention to Jupiter stations in the future to see if they coincide with these major developments because it’s quite uncanny that so many big things are happening all at once. I should also pay attention to the Pisces/Aries cusp so that I can understand if this particular part of sky has an unusual influence over the fashion biz. In a few years from now, Saturn will be doing a little dance over the same cusp. Not one of these stories has an unhappy ending: Tom Ford made a lot of money; Raf Simons is still a major force at Prada; Alessandro Michele can probably do anything he wants with the backing of the big luxury houses now that he’s left Gucci. Will the same thing happen when Saturn crosses this threshold in the second half of 2025, or will the news be a little less positive when the ringed planet is involved?

I guess that we’re all about to find out. Stay tuned for more . . .

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