Solar Eclipse (source: Forbes)

I typically play down eclipses because they are quite common in astrological terms. Unless they are personalized in your chart by happening on a degree that is significant to you, you don’t need to view every one of them as a cataclysmic, life-changing event.

However, I’m going to pay attention to the upcoming solar eclipse on December 4 because of where it occurs. At 12°22″ Sagittarius, it forms an almost-exact sextile with the midpoint between my close natal Mars/Venus conjunction in Aquarius, while simultaneously squaring my natal Saturn in Pisces.

This new moon eclipse occurs in my decadent second house. Lately, I’ve been eating everything in sight, so maybe it will be a good time to resolve to be a little less self-indulgent. I’ve weighed myself a grand total of one time since I got back from Las Vegas because I don’t even want to know if I’ve packed on the pounds. I know that I’ve been lifting weights more often, and that can skew the number I see on the scale, making me believe that I’m fatter than I actually am when I’ve actually increased my lean-tissue mass. It’s a constant struggle for me: trying to reconcile the idea that the numbers don’t lie with the fact that the numbers I see don’t reflect my actual body composition or how I feel about myself at any given moment.

Having this eclipse in a position where it squares my natal Saturn might actually help me to invest in a more-disciplined dietary regimen; a Saturn square can be a call to action rather than an omen of misfortune. At the same time, having both Mars and Venus in a favorable aspect to this new moon might make me adopt a more-positive view of my own attractiveness.

This probably sounds ridiculous to most of you, but this is something I’ve dealt with for my entire life. I can be my own worst critic when it comes to my physical self-image, even after working as a fitness trainer for more than thirty-five years. It’s good for me that I understand the irrational, arbitrary nature of my own neuroses. It’s also good for me that I’ve figured out how the planets can exacerbate this problem. In this instance, however, I believe that the sun and moon are going to work with me, not against me. I’m preparing for the best this time, not the worst. I suppose that’s a step in the right direction.

This eclipse is going to be a good one. I just know it . . .

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