Steve Bannon (source: CNN)

Mercury conjoins Mars in just a few minutes from now.

Normally, that’s an aspect that I would warn anyone about because it causes people to jump to conclusions. In Scorpio, it might make some of us suspicious of the motives of others. For instance, I’m seeing the usual garbage on Twitter this morning regarding Steve Bannon and his refusal to appear before Congress. People are asking why Merrick Garland isn’t doing his job instead of asking why it’s taking so long for Merrick Garland to do his job. This article explains why a slow and careful approach by the Justice Department is preferable to a knee-jerk reaction.

But this isn’t just a normal Mercury/Mars conjunction. Both planets square Saturn in a few hours from now. My worry for most everyone today is that their knee-jerk reactions will have consequences that will undermine their long-term progress.

For that reason, it’s a good day to just shut up and keep your distrustful thoughts to yourself. Stay off Twitter, too, if that’s going help you to remain sane and rational. This will all be over very soon . . .

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