Star Struck Style

1200px-Hylobates_lar_pair_of_white_and_black_01Gibbons by Matthias Kabel (source: Wikipedia)

I was born during a gibbous moon. To me, the word “gibbous” sounds like an adjective to describe someone as gibbon-like. For example, “Tracy’s long arms dragged on the floor in a gibbous fashion.”

Speaking of Tracy, my friend Tracy the astrologer and I went for coffee a couple of weeks ago. We were talking about chart interpretation and things that we have learned over the years while preparing charts. I was discussing chart types (buckets, bundles, etc.) and she mentioned moon phases. It’s been a while since I paid attention to moon phases in a birth chart, so I thought that I ought to sharpen my skills. I looked them up.

Now I can admit that I’ve really been missing out on something when I consider the validity of my own moon phase. Check out this blurb from Cafe Astrology:

“Those born…

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