Idiots (source: Global News)

Mars in Libra just opposed Chiron a few minutes ago. The sun will do the same in a couple of days from now. And what can we expect while these planets align?

This could be a bad weekend for the loudmouthed idiots who believe that they are the victims of the pandemic because someone asked them to do their best to prevent the spread of a deadly disease.

My advice is to ignore them as much as possible. Don’t engage, don’t provoke, and don’t try to talk sense into them, either. It ain’t gonna happen.

Better days are ahead. Over the next few weeks, four of the retrograde planets in the sky will go direct. The idea that we’re stuck in one place will start to seem like a distant memory soon enough. Also, the sun will catch up to Mars as the two travel in tandem. The energy to get things done will be a theme throughout the month. Inaction will be met with action. Those who have prolonged the pandemic by failing to take action will be pushed to the wayside. The majority of us who have behaved like adults throughout this ordeal will have our voices heard.

I feel optimistic about October. We’re not back to normal quite yet, but at least we’re going to feel as if we’re getting somewhere over the next few weeks. I really believe that!

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