High Energy (source: Like Totally 80s)

I had a lot of these K-tel records when I was a kid. I don’t remember having this one, though. I probably saw it and thought “Eww, Styx!” Man, I hated Styx. As a matter of fact, I still do.

Anyway, I’m feeling my energy levels pick up as the yearly pilgrimage of planets through my twelfth house comes to an end. This year, things were a little worse than usual as Mars joined the procession through the sleepiest part of my chart.

I haven’t exactly been somnambulatory during these twelfth house transits, but I haven’t been my normal self, either.

In a week from today, the sun moves into my first house, followed by Mars on Monday. In anticipation, I’ve started trying to get back to my multitasking ways where I do a hundred things all at once. I’m really quite good at that. I was having a great summer, keeping up with all I had to do, but the weight of the world seemed to crash down on me right around the time I had my dental emergency. Since then, it’s been much harder for me to get motivated.

But I’m already feeling the shift in seasons in my bones. I literally wake up every year as the sun crosses my ascendant and the weather cools down where I live. This year, the sun is bringing high-energy Mars along for the ride, so maybe that’s why I’m feeling something coming.

I’ve already published a post or two discussing the end of the retrograde phases for Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto that also occur over the next few days. Along with this seismic shift in my own horoscope, I couldn’t be more hopeful for what October is about to bring for all of us. I’m crossing my fingers that things are going to keep moving forward in a positive manner and that the worst of the pandemic is soon going to be behind us. Or maybe I should take Amii Stewart’s advice from the “High Energy” cover and knock on wood.

I think I’ll do both . . .

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