PPC Rally (source: Twitter)

Check out this room full of mouth-breathing morons. This is a church not far from where I live that recently hosted a visit from Maxime Bernier, Canada’s own version of every mouth-breathing, populist politician from south of the border. He’s a Capricorn, so I would compare him to Mike Pompeo before I would compare him to Donald Trump. That being said, there sure are a lot of horrible Geminis and Capricorns in charge of things right now. You can’t turn around without running into one of them.

Anyway, it’s because of mouth-breathing morons like this that the province where I live has just declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19 and the fourth wave of infections. I’ve met a lot of these people over the course of my life. They are bible-thumpers who like to point out how God has given them “free will.” Unfortunately, they currently believe that their “free will” allows them to remain unvaccinated during a pandemic. Our hospitals are overwhelmed with their indignant carcasses right now. They don’t seem to mind, though, because they believe that they’ve already got one foot through the pearly gates, and any non-believers who they infect along the way are just going to get what they deserve: eternal damnation in the flames of hell.

It’s lucky for me that I also have free will, and I’m going to vote in Monday’s federal election for another Capricorn: one who doesn’t secretly wish that I was dead.

Over the last week, the far right has been dealing with a lot of failures. The California recall election made the GOP look like idiots who have nothing to do besides wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars. News came out that made Donald Trump and Mike Pence look even more treasonous than ever before as they planned their failed coup. And here in Alberta, our useless Premier had to stand in front of the media yesterday and offer half-hearted apologies for not taking COVID-19 seriously.

That’s all made it a pretty good week for me. With Mars in my twelfth house and the sun just about to enter that sector of my chart, I kind of feel as if the universe is tying up some loose ends that will soon make my life a lot more enjoyable. Hopefully that means that my job won’t be disrupted again by the pandemic, the country I call home won’t be taken over by right-wing lunatics, and that my triple-vaccinated ass will be sitting in an airplane seat to Las Vegas in about six weeks from now.

I’m optimistic. Hopefully, having planets transiting my twelfth house isn’t just making me delusional. I guess I’ll know soon enough . . .

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