The sun enters my eighth house very early tomorrow morning. I need to heed this advice I gave myself a few years ago.

Star Struck Style

6CIGMH75EFAELKJ2IHVXMIWE5YTransformers (source: LA Times)

The sun enters my eighth house tomorrow morning for a thirty-two day stay.

A few weeks ago, I discussed the transit of the sun through my seventh house. I mentioned that I don’t really “feel” seventh house transits like I “feel” sixth house transits. In retrospect, the past few weeks have been balanced. I’ve been trying to do a little of this and a little of that in order to distract myself from my worst impulses. It works for me. Perhaps that is the lesson I need to learn from a seventh house transit.

So, what about the eighth house? Again, it’s not a place where I notice big changes occurring during sun transits. I love this time of year because everything springs back to life where I live, but I don’t notice anything profound happening. I seem to feel first house, sixth house, tenth…

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