Drew Sidora (source: The Sun)

May 1 is Drew Sidora’s birthday.

I’m not sure what to think of Drew Sidora. Most of the time I like her. Every once in a while, though, she really bugs me.

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” has seen its fair share of Taurus stars amongst its cast, including Kim Zolciak, the grossest housewife of all time, and Kim Fields, the most out-of-place character ever cast on the show. Kandi Burruss is a Taurus, as well, and she does a terrific job at portraying the typical traits of her zodiac sign.

Drew’s behavior makes her a lot more like a successor to Kim Fields than a protégé of Kim Z. Most Taurus natives don’t behave like penned-up bulls until they are bullied by someone like Kenya Moore. When they do decide to defend themselves, however, they often leave a trail of destruction behind them.

Looking at Drew’s natal chart, I would expect her to be a better fighter. She has Mercury in Aries in mutual reception to Mars in Gemini. This configuration — along with a Taurus sun — typically endows an individual with an even temperament. I suppose that’s why it takes a while for Drew to actually warm up during her arguments with her cast mates. She almost seems as if she’s one step behind her antagonists when they launch their attacks. Perhaps she has a seventh house sun or some other chart factor that dulls her reactions. Without a time of birth, I can’t place the planets in the houses. If she was born late in the day, a Libra moon could also keep her from confronting her enemies in forthright manner.

But she was born to stand her ground, especially against anyone with a fixed sun sign, like Kenya, LaToya, Marlo, Ralph, Kandi, etc. It makes me wonder how she would have got along with Scorpios like Phaedra Parks and Eva Marcille.

Anyway, I’m not sure if Drew is going to make it in the Bravo universe. But I’m never really sure about what makes a good “Atlanta” housewife. They keep Kenya around, after all . . .

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