Words (source: collinsdictionary.com)

Mercury moves into Gemini this evening where it will remain until July 11. That’s a long time for Mercury to spend in a single sign!

Mercury rules over Gemini, so a typical transit through the sign is a good thing. Communication flows freely and people don’t get into futile arguments over semantics. But when Mercury sits idle in a sign over which it rules, all that effective communication gets thrown out the window. Words take on a life of their own as they become more important than the ideas that they convey.

May 30 and June 23 mark Mercury’s stations in the sign. For a couple of days on either side of a Mercury station, it’s always wise to double-check your emails before you press “send” and to read the fine print on anything that requires a signature. Mistakes are made during Mercury stations. When they occur in Gemini, those mistakes tend to impact speech even more than the written word.

So, try to make your intentions clear by thinking before you speak. The last time I published a post about Mercury in Gemini, I included a photo of Donald Trump because he is the perfect example of someone who suffers from verbal diarrhea. He just opens his mouth and the shit pours out. Don’t be like that. Slow down for a moment to compose your thoughts.

On the bright side, mistakes are forgotten as soon as they are made when this swift-moving planet transits Gemini. Our collective attention span all but disappears, especially when the sun joins Mercury in the sign.

Now what was I saying?

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