I wrote this post a year ago. I kind of feel as if I’m in the exact same place again today. It’s weird how that works, huh?

Star Struck Style

14005306mi_10_pMissoni Hoodie (source: Missoni)

I’ve been stalking this beautiful Missoni hoodie for a while now. I couldn’t justify spending what it cost, but I found one on clearance at the only Canadian retailer of Missoni’s menswear. It arrives tomorrow!

A full moon in Taurus also arrives tomorrow in my second house. That means that the sun is in my eighth house, along with Mercury. Venus will join the party soon as it backtracks into that part of my chart during its upcoming retrograde cycle.

I had a look at some old blog posts here to see what happened the last time I had a pile-up of planets in my eighth house. The eighth house rules over a lot of things, including what I call “inevitabilities.” Astrologers connect it with sex, death, birth and rebirth, as well as legacies and inheritance. The word “transformation” is also associated with the house…

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