Missoni Hoodie (source: Missoni)

I’ve been stalking this beautiful Missoni hoodie for a while now. I couldn’t justify spending what it cost, but I found one on clearance at the only Canadian retailer of Missoni’s menswear. It arrives tomorrow!

A full moon in Scorpio also arrives tomorrow in my second house. That means that the sun is in my eighth house, along with Mercury. Venus will join the party soon as it backtracks into that part of my chart during its upcoming retrograde cycle.

I had a look at some old blog posts here to see what happened the last time I had a pile-up of planets in my eighth house. The eighth house rules over a lot of things, including what I call “inevitabilities.” Astrologers connect it with sex, death, birth and rebirth, as well as legacies and inheritance. The word “transformation” is also associated with the house as it is associated with Scorpio and the myth of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

What I discovered while looking back at how I behave during these transits is that I regularly desire to break free of my routine this time of year. I am overcome with the urge to transform my life by doing something different from what I’ve been doing.

Of course, there’s some cabin fever involved because I live in a part of Canada where the weather gets warm this time of year — I have the option to spend my time outside without freezing to death. This year that feeling is exacerbated by the current COVID-19 lockdowns. Nevertheless, my desire to break free is highlighted.

So, what does that have to do with my new Missoni hoodie? Ever since I was a teenager, I believed in the transformative power of fashion. I would obsess over things I wanted to purchase because I was convinced that owning them would change my life. Whether or not they actually did is unimportant because they played a powerful symbolic role in my life.

If you’ve even known a woman who has chopped her hair off impulsively in an effort to break free from her past, you’ll know what I mean. Sometimes you feel as if you need to make an offering of some kind to the universe in order to get fate back on your side.

I know that a lot of people will believe that I’m crazy for thinking that way, but I see them doing similar things without even knowing it. At least I admit that I find myself yielding to these impulses, however irrational they may seem.

Anyway, my life is about to change for the better. As I’ve mentioned a million times before on this blog, I’ve got several once-in-a-lifetime planetary aspects occurring simultaneously in my horoscope telling me that the only way to go is up. And I’ve got a new Missoni hoodie to wear while I welcome this new era. No matter what happens, I’m going to be looking better than the rest of you schleps.

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