Psychologist (source: APA)

I know I say this all the time, but . . .

So, I was looking over the posts I’ve published around this time of year since I began this blog. Apparently, when the sun enters my eighth house, my thoughts turn to self-diagnosis. I become my own psychologist.

Sure, I know that the eighth house is an introspective place, but it’s also associated with so many other things that I forgot about its “depth.” The interpretation for this transit on astro.com reads as follows:

“Fortunately, with this transit you will have a strong desire to experience life on a feeling level, and this is just what you need. One very real possibility at this time is that an encounter with someone will produce the need for very searching psychological self-inquiry or will force very powerful changes in your life. This person may challenge your value structure, or there may be a powerful intermeshing of your personalities. On the material plane, this transit can be a time of great concern about finances or resources held jointly with another person, such as a spouse or business partner. By itself, this is neither a good nor a bad indication; it simply makes the issue important. You may also be worried about trying to borrow money or get financial backing from a bank.”

As someone with a Capricorn sun and Libra rising, it has been quite natural for me to focus on the “material plane” and the second half of this passage. And yet I’ve spent the last three years composing numerous blog posts about “psychological self-inquiry” and everything else noted in the first half of this passage.

I don’t know why I didn’t notice it until now, but that’s been my modus operandi for more than five decades now.

I’ve said this a million times before, but I cannot overstate the importance of this blog in my life because it has become a journal for me. It was never my intent to share this sort of self-exploration with anyone, but I’m glad I did. Publicly observing the effects of regularly-occurring cosmic events (such as this eighth house solar ingress) has not only taught me more about astrology and the cycles that define my life, but also about the power of genuine introspection. If I hadn’t put these words out into the universe, I never would have revisited them and I never would have learned from them.

I always knew that this was a vanity project, but I never realized how important it would be to my own well-being. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to make some “powerful changes” in my life . . .

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