Marie Kondo (source: CNBC)

Transiting Saturn is currently within minutes of my natal Venus — and it’s not going anywhere soon! Between now and the time it goes retrograde in about four weeks, it only moves half a degree.

I published a post a week ago where I noted that I would try to use the influence of this long-lasting aspect to stick to a budget. While that hasn’t been a bust so far, it was the other things that I mentioned in that post that have suddenly surged to top of my list of priorities. When I wrote that “I’ve been doing chores around my house that have been neglected for years,” I wasn’t kidding!

I haven’t really turned into Marie Kondo quite yet, but I have been reorganizing my home and getting rid of shit that I should have thrown out years ago. I would chalk that up to the practical influence of this uncommon alignment in my horoscope (Saturn), except that I’m not really doing it to just be practical. I want things around me to be prettier (Venus).

I can’t really divorce the influence of these two planets considering that one is the ruler of my sun sign and the other is the ruler of my ascendant. Still, I know that there are times in my life where my Saturnian nature prevails over my Venusian side. This isn’t one of those times, even though it might seem like that from the outside looking in. If you were my neighbor watching me load up another carload of junk to take to the my local recycling facility, you might think that I was feeling the Marie Kondo fantasy. But it’s not like that; I want to live in a prettier world. I don’t want to evaluate the individual items in my home to determine whether or not they spark joy. I want to look at the big picture and how living in a visually-appealing environment affects my mood.

Thinking about the way I’m feeling inspired me to look up Marie Kondo’s natal chart. Although I wasn’t able to find a chart with a time of birth listed, it is quite interesting to note that at noon on the day she was born, Kondo’s natal Venus and Saturn were just over a degree apart. I guess that she feels the way I’m feeling every day of her life! It’s also interesting that she was born during the same moon phase as me with cardinal influences dominating her horoscope.

Anyway, I’m delighted that this transit is inspiring me to do what I’ve been doing. My house is getting cleaner and more organized by the day. Even better, Saturn won’t move out of orb from this conjunction for months. It looks as if I’m in this for the long haul.

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