Shangela (source: VH1)

I still don’t know for sure if Shangela is a Scorpio or a Sagittarius. However, I refuse to believe that she’s a Scorpio because of her behavior on “All Stars 3.” Her “forgive and forget” attitude that developed over the course of a couple of episodes regarding Trixie Mattel’s obliviousness to Thorgy Thor’s obnoxiousness revealed a Sagittarius-like character. A Scorpio native would have cut Trixie from the competition the first chance she got. When she sent home Chi Chi instead a few episodes into the season, I knew that she had to be a Sagittarius.

I wrote a little more about Shangela and why I believe that she’s a Sagittarius here. If I ever discover that she’s actually a Scorpio, I’m going to give up on astrology altogether.

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