Shangela (source: World of Wonder)

I got a message from my Facebook memories that let me know that I started this feature on my blog more than a year ago and that I’m still not finished. I sort of hit a wall with Scorpio and Sagittarius because there was no one I really wanted to write about.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t want to write about Shangela. I’m just not sure that she really is a Sagittarius. She would have to have been born after 3:35 AM on her birthday: November 22, 1981. That’s when the sun moved into Sagittarius.

So, do I believe that she’s a Sagittarius and not a Scorpio? Yeah. The odds are with me, but that’s not the reason that I see a Sagittarius when I look at her. She just rolls with the punches too much to be a Scorpio. After losing “Drag Race” a record three times, she’s still not a bitter, vindictive bitch. I don’t believe a Scorpio would even go back after losing twice.

Sagittarius natives are usually great at letting things go. They’ll fight with you one minute, and give you a hug the next minute. Dorinda Medley from the “Real Housewives of New York” is probably the most Sagittarius-like person on any reality show, if you know what I mean. While she might not be the most mature person on television, she definitely is on track to becoming more mature with age. Sagittarians are like that. They may not be the fastest learners and they may make a lot of mistakes, but they just keep plugging along.

Eventually, they accumulate wisdom and experience that makes them seem wise beyond their years, but it can take forever! When Shangela finally made it back to “All-Stars 3,” she was a legitimate star who could teach the rest of the queens a trick or two. She didn’t win the title, but she did prove that she belonged in the Drag Race Hall of Fame. For that reason, I see a Sagittarius trajectory in her career path. Sagittarius natives are often dismissed for lacking discipline or seriousness, and yet they endure.

True story: I once walked right by Shangela in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and I didn’t realize it until later. I kept saying to myself “I know that guy from somewhere.” Shangela is surprisingly puny for someone with such a big character. In that respect, she reminds me of another Sagittarius, Christina Aguilera.

Anyway, if I discover that Shangela isn’t really a Sagittarius, I’ll revisit this topic. In the meantime, I know exactly who I want to profile for the next couple of signs. At this rate, I’ll finish this series before RuPaul and Michelle Visage enter their twilight years.

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