House of Mirrors (source: Wikipedia)

The sun entered Virgo last night. I’m always happy when that happens. The Leo/Virgo cusp corresponds with my eleventh house, so it marks the time of the year that my social life picks up. I always liked going back to school when I was a kid because I loved the social part of being in school. Curiously, I got out of bed this morning after getting a terrific’s night sleep and now I feel like taking on the world. I want to get out and do things! This is great place in my horoscope for the sun to be.

Anyway, back to Virgo. When I’m discussing Virgo natives, I often use the image of a mirror to describe them. No one dislikes mirrors quite like Virgos. If you hold one up to them, they often look away. They would rather evaluate you then be subject to the process of self-evaluation. It’s just the way that they are wired.

However, I don’t believe that every Virgo sees the same thing when they look in the mirror. I believe that a Virgo native with Mercury in Leo can be quite happy with what they see, regardless of how it looks to others. I also believe that a Virgo individual with Mercury in Virgo is unduly self-critical — even self-loathing. Finally, I believe that someone born with a Virgo sun and Mercury in Libra has the capacity to evaluate themselves objectively, although they may not subject themselves to self-evaluation very often.

It’s important for me to note those distinctions. As someone who practices character-based astrology, I get accused of not looking at “the big picture” when I focus on the sun sign. The fact is that I do focus on the entire chart, but I don’t dismiss or downplay the importance of the sun. It is the most important factor of the chart when it comes to the image we project. It’s the part of us that others see despite our efforts to present ourselves as something else (as the rising sign may compel us to do). It is not what the mirror reflects, but rather what the lens captures. It’s who we are in the eyes of the others.

More than anyone else in the zodiac, I believe that Virgo natives have the most difficult time reconciling what they see in the mirror with what others see with their own two eyes. It’s a theme that I’m sure I’ll discuss over and over again now that the sun has entered the sign. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make my point more clearly by the time the sun enters Libra and my thoughts turn to lighter subjects. Venus enters my first house tomorrow, so I might just spend the next few weeks looking at myself in the mirror.

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