Star Struck Style

1024px-Větruše,_zrcadlové_bludištěHouse of Mirrors (source: Wikipedia)

The sun entered Virgo last night. I’m always happy when that happens. The Leo/Virgo cusp corresponds with my eleventh house, so it marks the time of the year that my social life picks up. I always liked going back to school when I was a kid because I loved the social part of being in school. Curiously, I got out of bed this morning after getting a terrific’s night sleep and now I feel like taking on the world. I want to get out and do things! This is great place in my horoscope for the sun to be.

Anyway, back to Virgo. When I’m discussing Virgo natives, I often use the image of a mirror to describe them. No one dislikes mirrors quite like Virgos. If you hold one up to them, they often look away. They would rather evaluate you then be…

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