Michael Cohen (source: ABC News)

Yesterday’s news in American politics was immensely satisfying for me because I believe that Donald Trump is a criminal leading a criminal enterprise. But I am rather curious about what’s going to happen next.

For astrologers like me who use the Placidus house system, Donald Trump’s first house begins at the degree of his ascendant: 29°58″ Leo. That means that the sun enters his first house later today.

Normally, people are emboldened when the sun enters their first house. Trump’s Mars is just a couple of degrees back from his ascendant, so all this crap was happening to him over the past two days while the sun was conjunct his natal Mars. The irritation and the anger were highlighted as a chapter of his life came to close. Now what’s going to happen when the stars are compelling him to act upon it? The sun entering the first house marks a new chapter.

I don’t really know what to expect, except that I imagine it will be ugly. The universe is working itself out in a very Karmic fashion as I have predicted many times before on this blog — it’s what was to be expected while Jupiter moved through Scorpio, and Saturn and Pluto transited Capricorn.

Whatever happens, I’m glad that it’s going to be over soon. Most of this stuff happening in the sky works itself out curiously close to the midterm elections. I can’t wait! I don’t only want to finish this chapter, but I want to throw the book into a dumpster and light the whole thing on fire. I’m ready to move on.

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