Kim Cattrall (source: Today)

August 21 is Kim Cattrall’s birthday.

I didn’t watch “Sex and the City” all that often, so I don’t know a lot about Kim Cattrall’s character on the show except that she was — as the saying goes — “larger than life.” In many respects, that’s what I expect from someone who was born while the sun was in Leo. For that reason, it is no surprise that people confuse the character of Samantha from the show with the actress who played her. As far as I could tell, Samantha’s whole shtick was that she was “larger than life.”

Kim Catrall’s natal chart doesn’t reveal a similar character. In fact, it does the opposite. She most likely has an Aquarius moon, which would add a fair amount of emotional distance to her demeanor. It’s not a warm and fuzzy position for the moon. Her natal sun is almost exactly conjunct Pluto. That is a very introspective aspect and a bit of a wet blanket for an outgoing Leo. In this instance, it produces a personality that is constantly reevaluating itself. Mercury in Virgo is in a very close opposition to Mars in Pisces, as well. It’s an energetic position, but one that may be prone to self-sabotaging displays of anger or aggression. I get the idea that Kim Cattrall is her own worst enemy. I also get the idea that she knows that she is her own worst enemy.

Of course, I can draw upon the few instances in which the actress has made a spectacle of herself in the media to draw my conclusions: she isn’t exactly known to be the most-gracious woman in show business. But I haven’t really invested any time in getting to know anything else about her, so I could be completely off-base. I do know that she gives me the impression that she cannot stand being evaluated in this manner. I don’t believe that anyone dislikes having a mirror held up to them as much as someone with a Leo sun and Mercury in Virgo.

I guess it’s a good thing that she will probably never read this . . .

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