Arthur Kulkov (source: models.com)

August 20 is Arthur Kulkov’s birthday.

I don’t pay much attention to male models, but I know who Arthur Kulkov is because he’s probably the most recognizable male model in the world right now. He’s always working for the biggest brands, so even if you don’t recognize his name, you’ve probably seen his face.

I also know a little more about him because I’m roughly the same size as him (although he’s way leaner than me). We’re the same height, we wear the same shoe size, and we both have a rather athletic build. That’s important to me because many male models are super skinny and I can tell that the labels that they represent are not for me because I could never fit into such skinny clothes. Seeing Kulkov in a Todd Snyder suit in the photo above lets me know that I could buy that suit and probably fit into it. Interestingly, I already have a few Todd Snyder items that I purchased online and they fit me perfectly.

But that’s really all I know about Arthur Kulkov, so I looked up his chart. I have no idea what time he was born, but he does have a Leo sun and a Capricorn moon. That’s an interesting mix because with those placements, he could be the biggest egomaniac in the world. I don’t suspect that he is because people don’t go very far in fashion without being gracious. Models are a dime-a-dozen in the business — even the best-looking ones.

Along with the sun, Kulkov has Mars in Leo. He also has both Mercury and Venus in Virgo. He’s probably quite grounded and appreciative of the work he gets. Again, I know nothing about him personally, but I get the idea that he knows his worth but he doesn’t take it for granted.

It’s a cool chart. It makes me want to know more about him. But who am I kidding? After I publish this post, I’m going to go to the Todd Snyder website and look at clothes I can’t afford to order something I don’t need. If there was one constant in the universe, it is my desire to look good . . .

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