Coco Chanel (source: Vogue)

August 19 is Coco Chanel’s birthday.

I consider Chanel to be a Gemini label for a few reasons, but mostly because it operates in a manner that is all its own. I connect Gemini with all things Mercurial, especially the desire to change. It is in the nature of the youthful Gemini native to stay in motion in order to remain distinct from other individuals. That is also the modus operandi of Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel. In “Star Struck Style,” I make the joke that Karl Lagerfeld has shown one of everything since he started at Chanel, but that isn’t far from the truth. His own Mercurial nature (he is a Virgo) has imparted the label with a spirit that is both young and restless.

But was the Chanel of Coco Chanel a Gemini label? I believe that it was. I also connect the concepts of fabric innovation with the sign, and one of Coco Chanel’s biggest contributions to fashion was her introduction of jersey to womenswear.

So, was that reflected in her natal chart? She did have Mars in Gemini, which is not a surprise for someone whose innovative use of fabrics liberated women from the constraints of tradition. It is an active, energetic placement. She also had Saturn and Pluto in the sign.

However, with her Leo sun and her Pisces moon, she was more of an iconoclast than an innovator. It was likely her desire to break down walls with her art than to offer women sensible choices when it came to fashion. I see an artist in her chart, not a dressmaker.

It’s an important distinction. I makes me want to go read up on her personal life to figure out where her rising sign could possibly be. There is a time of birth listed on astro.com, but I doubt its accuracy. As it stands, it puts her ascendant in the final degree of Sagittarius. If it was off by a couple of minutes, she could have Capricorn as her rising sign.

It’s something I need to investigate. Maybe this time next year, I can revisit the issue with a clearer perspective on what made Coco Chanel tick.

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