Here’s a hilarious photo of me from several years ago when I still had enough hair to have a so-called “hairstyle.” I still look pretty much the same, only balder. I’m aging like a fine cheese.

Anyway, I was just reading my horoscope on when I came across this passage that describes the current aspect between transiting Neptune and my natal sun: an aspect which is exact tomorrow due to Neptune’s current retrograde cycle.

“Under this influence you may work to assist people who are less fortunate than yourself or for causes you believe in. If so, you may act very selflessly, without thought for your own personal gain. It is not that you don’t care about yourself but that you identify with the goals of the people you are helping. You perceive that you are much more than the self within your body, as you had thought in the past.”

No one had to tell me that I’m a saint that walks amongst you, but it’s nice to know that my horoscope agrees! The best thing about this aspect is that it is going to recur because Neptune moves so slowly. Until January of 2020, I will be even more saint-like than usual. I know, right?

It makes me wonder if any upcoming planetary aspects are going to affect my legendary sense of humility. Hmm . . .

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