Eight Ball (source: liveabout.com)

I knew that transiting Uranus was going to enter my eighth house soon, but what I didn’t realize is that the planet will move into that sector of my horoscope for the first time in my life just a few days ahead of when my progressed midheaven conjoins my natal Uranus.

I wrote about the latter aspect here just a couple of weeks ago while I was speculating about my career prospects. I’m quite astounded that the former event occurs just four days earlier. I suppose that I should be ready for something to happen that involves a sudden shift in my professional life, and I also should prepare myself for some sort of Karmic payback.

I feel as if this is going to be something good. The gym where I work is also the gym where I have volunteered for the last three decades. The pandemic has resulted in some major reorganization of the management structure, and I seem to one of the few people who has actually earned more responsibility, more hours and more money during the last several months (despite the fact that I have been laid off on three separate occasions).

Yesterday, I published a post about “falling into my destiny” because of my upcoming nodal return. With these other astrological events just on the horizon, I’m feeling as if any changes that are about to occur in my professional life will be positive. All signs point toward something good happening to me, whether I end up working at the job I already have or moving onto to something else.

Whatever happens, I do have remember that Uranus will move back into my seventh house in late October (while I’m in Las Vegas, if my holiday plans don’t get derailed again). Once the planet reenters my eighth house in April, 2022, I’ll have about seven years to get used to this new phase of my life that “Cafe Astrology” describes as follows:

“Uranus moves into your eighth house and shakes things up a little. There could be some ambiguities or unexpected happenings surrounding money that is part of your life but that doesn’t come from your own earnings or income. This includes such things as shared resources with a close partner, alimony, taxes, loans, and so forth. At times, this could throw you off balance. It could also interfere with your own pursuit of pleasure, if the pleasure you seek or the hobbies you involve yourself in require extra money to spend. As well, you may not be able to depend on support or backing from others. This position could also indicate a period of uncertainty surrounding your intimate relationships, and/or some experimentation with your sexuality.”

While that interpretation of the transit isn’t all sunshine and roses, I don’t know how concerned I should be because I’ve never really had any financial stability in my life anyway. I spend money as quickly as I make it, whether I’m employed, underemployed or unemployed. I’m far more interested in the connection between Uranus and the idea that the eighth house is associated with Karma. I feel as if I’ve made plenty of sacrifices in my life in order to contribute to the common good. I believe I’ve got a positive balance in the Karmic bank that provides a stark contrast to my actual bank balance.

Even if I don’t get rich quick, I’m just happy to know that I’m no longer behind the eight ball. I don’t believe that I’m ever going to have another astrological year that was as bad as 2020. And every time I look into the future of my chart lately, I find more and more good things on the horizon. It’s a good feeling!

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