Careers Game (source: Bulb)

I had this board game when I was a kid. I don’t think it was very much fun. It was like “The Game of Life” without the spinny thing.

Anyway, the reason that “careers” are on my mind is because I was having a look at my progressed chart. I haven’t put much stock in the progression of the angles of my horoscope because I’ve never really read much on the topic from other astrologers. However, my progressed MC has been slowly creeping over the axis in my chart where conjoined Pluto and Uranus form an opposition to Chiron. In fact, my progressed MC has been inching its way overtop Pluto for the past couple of years.

That’s quite interesting to me because I literally have transformed my career path in that time, leaving retail completely to become a full-time staff member at the gym where I have volunteered for over thirty years. Now I realized that my progressed MC is going to conjoin Uranus exactly right around the time of the summer solstice.

I’m really not sure what that means because it’s nearly impossible to find anything online about progression of the angles. However, using traditional interpretations of the factors involved here I should expect sudden, unexpected opportunities to arise that have an impact upon my current career path.

I’d like that. I’ve been putting in my dues, and they’ve paid off — unless you consider how much money I’m making. Every day I seem to be awarded with more responsibility. Perhaps there is some kind of promotion in my future. I’d also take a lottery win, considering the fact that gambling has always been a sideline of mine.

I’m going to pay attention to this upcoming event. I’ll try to publish a few more posts about it, too, because no one else seems to be discussing this subject online. Once in a while, I post something like this and it becomes a huge draw to my blog. And to be honest, it’s nice to be taken seriously as an astrologer considering the criticism I sometimes receive for goofing around so much.

Stay tuned!

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