Falling (source: Healthline)

I keep publishing posts describing how much better I feel about my future than I did a few months ago. I suppose I can say that I saw this time coming because most of the tense planetary aspects that had formed in my chart have abated. However, what I didn’t see coming was my nodal return in about five months from now. On September 20, 2021, the transiting north node backs up into the place it was when I was born.

This only happens a few times during an individual’s life. I’ve been through it twice now, so I hope that the phrase “third time lucky” applies to this upcoming conjunction.

I remember reading a description of the event that compared it to “falling into your destiny.” That would be fine with me because I have felt as if things haven’t been going my way for quite some time. I can’t complain about my circumstances because I’m healthy, happy and living a life that many people in the world would consider to be privileged. Still, I have had a ton of bad luck over the past few years, especially in the professional sector where I derive a great deal of my self-worth. It is as if I have been a bad-luck charm for anyone who employs me. Every place I’ve worked has either closed down completely or taken a major turn for the worse.

What I didn’t realize until just a moment ago was that the transiting north node backed up into my tenth house in 2017 just a couple of weeks before I lost a job I had for the previous decade. It then opposed my sun when I was hired at the job I currently have: a job that has been put on pause three separate times already because of COVID-19.

Hopefully, with this upcoming nodal return occurring in my Karmic eighth house, I can enter a period of relative stability where I don’t feel as if my job security is tenuous at best. Shorty after my first nodal return when I was a teenager, I got a job that I kept for the next fifteen years. During my second nodal return, I was working for fashion magazines and making more money than I had ever made in my life. Both periods were preceded by a period of relative instability in my professional life followed by a long stretch where I didn’t have to worry about anything.

I sure hope that I’m on the cusp of another similar era in my life because I’m really getting tired of feeling as if I can’t catch a break. It would be nice to just fall into this new period and discover that I’ve landed on my feet again. It’s happened before. I’ll thank my lucky stars if it can happen again!

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