I’m about four weeks away from this major event in my life, and I feel as if something is coming — even though I’m not exactly sure what that is.

Star Struck Style

Falling (source: Healthline)

I keep publishing posts describing how much better I feel about my future than I did a few months ago. I suppose I can say that I saw this time coming because most of the tense planetary aspects that had formed in my chart have abated. However, what I didn’t see coming was my nodal return in about five months from now. On September 20, 2021, the transiting north node backs up into the place it was when I was born.

This only happens a few times during an individual’s life. I’ve been through it twice now, so I hope that the phrase “third time lucky” applies to this upcoming conjunction.

I remember reading a description of the event that compared it to “falling into your destiny.” That would be fine with me because I have felt as if things haven’t been going my way for…

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