Island (source: Britannica)

A few days ago, I published a post where I described how eleventh house transits affect me. I was hoping that I would feel less insular now that the sun has moved into that sector of my chart.

I am feeling a little more “out there.” Nevertheless, today I’ve been left alone to my own devices on a day off for the first time in as long as I can remember and I couldn’t be happier about it.

That got me thinking about who is making me want to get away from it all lately, and I came to an interesting discovery. I’ve got a few people in my life whose natal suns sit in the Libran section my first house. Those are the people who are currently getting on my nerves even though we typically have very good relationships. Yet all of them are unaware of how much they impose upon my freedom by never taking a step back from me. And it’s not as if I don’t give them signals to step back. Besides blogging about how much I would like to be left alone, I’m sure my body language and my personal demeanor tells the real story. I have no poker face.

Anyway, is there something about having Libra as a sun sign that makes an individual oblivious to boundaries? It’s something for me to think about because I’ve been through this before, but I’ve never put two and two together.

Curiously, I live with a Libra native who is working from home. Normally, we go to Las Vegas a couple of times a year. This October, I booked a trip without her so that she can take care of my cats. Also, I want to get away from her for a few days because since the pandemic began, she just never leaves me alone. The same thing happens with the Libra natives at work. I could be in the middle of a hundred things, and they will walk up to me and say “Are you busy?” It drives me nuts!

I’m going to pay attention to this phenomenon. I normally get along with Libra natives better than almost anyone else in the zodiac, but right now they’re all making me want to exile myself to a deserted island where I don’t have to see them, or hear them, or talk to them, etc. I’d ask myself “Is it me, or is it them?”, but I think I already know the answer . . .

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    Yesterday was my day off work and all I could think about was how annoyed I was at my Libra housemate who never leaves me alone! Obviously, there is something going on in my chart this time of year that amplifies my desire to be left to my own devices.


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