Star Struck Style

Cherry2Cherry Picking (source: Kelowna Now)

I read something on Twitter yesterday that got me thinking about how today’s astrologers decide which astrological traditions to follow. Essentially, a novice astrologer on the social media platform decided to embrace Hellenistic astrology because it provided her with the justification to allow a single aspect in her chart to define her character. She went cherry picking until she discovered a system of astrology that told her what she wanted to hear.

That’s not how to become an astrologer. We don’t get to decide which interpretation of astrology makes us feel the best about ourselves.

I’ve been using Placidus houses forever because they work for me; the timing of events in my life often corresponds with very specific ingresses of the planets in the houses. I have played around with other house systems only to discover that everything was a little “off,” especially where…

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