Sheep (source: Farmer’s Weekly)

I wanted to illustrate this post with a photo of a ram, and this image popped up in my search alongside an article titled “1 in 12 rams are gay and costing farmers, says breeder.” What’s funny to me is that they used this picture of a sheep in a jaunty harness and stylish ear piercings to indicate that it’s gay.

Anyway, Venus enters Aries this morning, following hot on the heels of the sun. With both planets transiting the sign in tandem, a definite change in the cosmic weather is in the forecast. Even if spring hasn’t sprung where you live, it’s going to feel as if there’s something in the air. It’s fresh, forward-looking energy and it should provide us all with a figurative kick in the pants.

What’s interesting to me is that both planets conjoin Chiron in succession in a few days. I’ve actually made an appointment for a physical: something I haven’t done in years. I’ve got some old-man issues to discuss with my doctor just because I’m at an age when it is recommended that I pay attention to those things. To know that the sun and Venus will not only be in my sixth house at this time, but also sitting on top of Chiron is rather interesting because of the asteroid’s association with the concept of healing and physicians themselves. Even more fascinating is the fact that I bought my body-fat measuring scale last week while Ceres was conjunct Chiron. I recently published a couple of posts where I discussed Ceres’ association with food in relation to my decision to start supplementing my vegetarian diet with fish oil capsules.

All these coincidences concerning these planets and asteroids in this sector of my chart don’t really surprise me, but I am kind of surprised that I’m so receptive to the notion that I could benefit from a “physical” exam. In the age of the internet, a know-it-all like me is more like to diagnose his own problems online. Yet a voice in my head has been telling me that now is the time to consult with a real doctor.

So, I’m going to use the Aries energy I can sense in the atmosphere to look forward to a long and healthy life. But first I need to evaluate exactly where I’m at. If that isn’t a sixth house/Aries forecast, I don’t know what else would be.

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