“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol (source: Discogs)

I’m not really a rebellious person, although I do love to buck the trends. In that respect, I guess I am a bit of a contrarian — especially for someone with a Capricorn sun.

Nevertheless, I was looking at my chart and I realized that Mars in Aries in the seventh house is squaring my Cancer midheaven at the moment. This isn’t exactly the kind of aspect you would want to see in your chart, especially at a time of the year when the sun is about to oppose your natal moon on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

So, I guess I should count my lucky stars that Christmas is cancelled in the province where I live because of COVID-19 restrictions regarding social distancing and family get-togethers. This is exactly the sort of planetary line-up that could get me and my big mouth into trouble at the dinner table. For the next few days, I’ll be a rebel without a cause.

On the bright side, I do feel like working out to burn off some of this energy. It’s too bad that my classes at the gym are also cancelled because I find that yelling at my participants can be quite therapeutic.

Oh well! There will plenty of time for yelling in the new year . . .

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