Deserted Island (source: Sputnik)

I’m feeling pretty good this morning considering what’s going on in my chart.

Today’s Mars/Pluto square is occurring simultaneously with transiting Mars’ square to my midheaven. This aspect has already lined up a couple of times this year. The retrograde pass in October was particularly memorable because it made me very annoyed by everyone and everything for a few days. I’m proud of myself for not going on a killing spree that week.

Basically, I’m in the same boat again, but this time it’s worse because the sun opposes my natal moon tomorrow just before noon. However, I can thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to be around anyone. The pandemic protocols have put me on my own figurative “deserted island” where I can virtually mind my own business for a few days until the universe gets off my back.

I didn’t really ask for this vacation, but maybe it came up at the right time. While nothing would please me more than going away right now, the luxury of having earned time-off isn’t lost on me. Sitting around the house with almost nothing to do is something for which I should be grateful. I live a privileged existence

Nevertheless, I’ll be happy to rejoin society again in the not-to-distant future. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this island life . . .

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