Fauci & Friends (source: ABC News)

December 24 is Anthony Fauci’s birthday.

I shouldn’t have been surprised to discover that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a Capricorn — just like me. Look at his face in this photo as he gazes into the void. We’re obviously kindred spirits!

Dr. Fauci also has Mercury in Sagittarius. That combination typically mellows a personality that can be a little too heavy. Capricorn natives possess a sense of gravitas, and if there are not other forces in the horoscope to counteract the gravity of a Capricorn sun, all those negative stereotypes about Capricorn can manifest themselves in an obvious manner. Despite the seriousness of his profession, he seems like a fairly upbeat guy.

The most interesting thing about Dr. Fauci’s chart, however, is that he’s got Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in Taurus. The planets were 2°23″ apart and applying when he was born, and transiting Uranus is currently sitting right in between the two. That’s a pretty amazing, once-in-a-lifetime alignment! Unfortunately, I don’t have a time of birth to figure out exactly where this is happening in Dr. Fauci’s chart because this is the sort of thing an astrologer like me could discuss all day long. While it has a somewhat generational effect on individuals born around the same time as Dr. Fauci, it can personalized by placement. If it was in the sixth house in Dr. Fauci’s chart, for instance, it would explain everything about the role he and his expertise played on the world stage in 2020.

But I don’t know what time he was born. Unless I find out sometime soon, you’ll just have to trust in my expertise . . .

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