We still have two more weeks until Venus enters Capricorn on January 8. However, I had a weird dream the other night about that day, so now this post I wrote three years ago is going to be on my mind. All I’ve been able to think about lately is escaping to Las Vegas next Christmas. It’s so strange to read this because I could have written it today.

Star Struck Style

calvin-klein-underwear-f13-w_ph_sorrentimario_sp03_bare-underwireChristy Turlington (source: Rock the Trend)

And so now it’s Christmas . . .

I don’t really get into Christmas. While I do like the free food, I can do without almost everything else, especially the company. Depending upon the day the solstice arrives, the sun is usually opposite my natal moon on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s an aspect that makes me sort of tune out from everyone else. I have no urge to connect with anyone when it happens. I guess I’m supposed to be emotional that day, but with a Capricorn sun/Cancer moon combo, I remove myself from the situation — figuratively, not literally. I do get together with my family. Nevertheless, I’ve always dreamed of flying to Las Vegas by myself and spending Christmas far away from anyone who knows me by name. Ha!

Anyway, Venus entered Capricorn late last night where I live. I…

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