Christy Turlington (source: Rock the Trend)

And so now it’s Christmas . . .

I don’t really get into Christmas. While I do like the free food, I can do without almost everything else, especially the company. Depending upon the day the solstice arrives, the sun is usually opposite my natal moon on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. It’s an aspect that makes me sort of tune out from everyone else. I have no urge to connect with anyone when it happens. I guess I’m supposed to be emotional that day, but with a Capricorn sun/Cancer moon combo, I remove myself from the situation — figuratively, not literally. I do get together with my family. Nevertheless, I’ve always dreamed of flying to Las Vegas by myself and spending Christmas far away from anyone who knows me by name. Ha!

Anyway, Venus entered Capricorn late last night where I live. I was already in bed, getting my handsome sleep. Now that I’m up and there’s nothing to do, I think I’m going to do some yoga. Capricorn is associated with the joints and connective tissue, after all.

Venus in Capricorn is important for a few reasons, but mostly because it instructs all of us to seek out practical ways to make ourselves more beautiful. It’s not as decadent as many other placements through the signs. Instead of filling our faces to make ourselves feel better, we might do something nice for our bodies instead — like doing more yoga.

Anyway, I posted a photo of supermodel/yoga enthusiast Christy Turlington from a few years ago (at the ripe old age of forty-four) to illustrate how Capricorn practicality can result in an individual getting better with age. Through January 17, think about making Turlington your muse. Age doesn’t defeat us nearly as much as laziness does. Venus can make us all lazier during most of its transits, but in Capricorn she can make us focus on all the right things in order to be more beautiful.

This is your chance to enter 2018 on the right foot. Start being nicer to your body today.

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