Annie Lennox (source: Idolator)

December 25 is Annie Lennox’s birthday.

It’s kind of nice to be able to cherry-pick the celebrities that I profile on this blog. I can ignore all the gross Capricorns while focusing on the stars that I am happy to see share my sign.

Annie Lennox is one of those people I’m honored to have in my club. I don’t just believe that she’s beautiful and talented, but I also believe that she is nice. In 2013, Archbishop Desmond Tutu said this about the singer:

“She is one of those exemplary human beings who chose to put her success in her chosen career to work in order to benefit others. She is a true friend of Africa and of South Africa. Her AIDS activism in general, and support for the treatment action campaign in-particular, contributed significantly to turning the pandemic around in our country.”

Annie Lennox has a very Capricorn-heavy chart, with the sun and Mercury almost exactly conjunct, as well as the moon in Capricorn. We Capricorns take a lot of criticism for being materialistic. Sure, plenty of us goats are greedy and selfish, but I can say the same thing about a lot of the creatures of the zodiac. Yet one thing I do notice about Capricorns is that they are likely to take on charity work simply because they see expediency in their approach to tackling social issues. Why pay lip service to a cause when boots-on-the-ground will get the job done?

I do this myself. The last thing I would ever do is attend a political protest when I can spend my days leading by example. I contribute my time and effort to causes because it is the practical thing to do. If everyone followed my lead, the world would be a better place.

There are a lot of people out there who don’t get why I do what I do. Next week, when I celebrate my twenty-seventh year volunteering for the YMCA, I’m sure I’ll have to listen to some jerk comment “It would be nice if they paid you.” It always happens!

But I digress. It’s Annie Lennox’s birthday, not mine. It’s also Christmas Day, when people all around the world congratulate themselves for believing in a kind, charitable savior. Some of them even get inspired by his example and do nice things for others. Some of those people aren’t even Capricorns. I know, right?

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