Justin Trudeau (source: CTV News)

December 25 is Justin Trudeau’s birthday.

Four years ago, I wrote a profile of Justin Trudeau on this blog that reflected my opinion about him at the time. Since then, my opinion has changed. I’d much rather have a leader like Justin Trudeau in charge of the country where I live than someone like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson.

One of my most-admirable traits (besides my legendary modesty), is that I can admit that I was wrong. In my previous profile of Trudeau, I explained that I am always skeptical of the talent of people who have grown up in a position of privilege. I use Stella McCartney as an example. After I wrote that passage, I actually published a book where I literally offered her an apology for dismissing her talent as something that was purchased for her by her rich and powerful parents.

Perhaps I judged Justin Trudeau in the same manner. We do have a lot in common astrologically, although there are some tense aspects amongst our natal planets that can explain why he often rubs me the wrong way (he’s got an Aries moon, for instance). Nevertheless, we are cut from the same cloth. He’s not an asshole and neither am I.

In a world where Gemini politicians are ruining everything, I am proud to admit that I am now a fan of my fellow Capricorn, Justin Trudeau. Sure, it took me a while to come around, but no one ever accused us Capricorns of rushing into things . . .

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