I like my astro-twin more every day . . .

Star Struck Style

Justin Trudeau (source: CTV News)

December 25 is Justin Trudeau’s birthday.

Four years ago, I wrote a profile of Justin Trudeau on this blog that reflected my opinion about him at the time. Since then, my opinion has changed. I’d much rather have a leader like Justin Trudeau in charge of the country where I live than someone like Donald Trump or Boris Johnson.

One of my most-admirable traits (besides my legendary modesty), is that I can admit that I was wrong. In my previous profile of Trudeau, I explained that I am always skeptical of the talent of people who have grown up in a position of privilege. I use Stella McCartney as an example. After I wrote that passage, I actually published a book where I literally offered her an apology for dismissing her talent as something that was purchased for her by her rich and powerful…

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