Karen Mulder (source: FMD)

June 1 is Karen Mulder’s birthday.

I get nostalgic when I see photos of Karen Mulder. In her heyday, she was on every runway alongside all the other A-list nineties supermodels. Every Saturday afternoon, I’d rush home after work to watch “Fashion File” just to see her and her fellow glamazons strutting down the catwalk. For a fashionista like me, that was how I got my fix in those days before the internet even existed.

Unlike many of her counterparts who still model today, Mulder has faded into obscurity after her personal life took a rather tragic turn. I often wonder what she is doing nowadays, but sometimes it’s better to not find out what has happened to the people you once idolized.

Anyway, I had a look at her natal chart to see if anything jumped out at me that would explain how someone who apparently “had it all” would end up in coma after an apparent suicide attempt. Without a time of birth, I can’t put the planets in the houses. However, I can see that she has the ruler of her natal sun, Mercury, within about a degree from her natal Saturn. For a Gemini, that can be a tough break. I tend not to look at aspects like this as wholly negative, but this is one of those placements that astrologers have demonized since they started looking to the stars.

Of course, that’s just a single piece of the puzzle. Both of these planets reside in Taurus alongside Mulder’s moon. In many cases, those positions would be grounding for a flighty Gemini native. Again, without a time of birth, it is impossible to place them in the houses. Yet I could envision Mulder possessing an early Gemini rising that would put these three planets in the twelfth house while placing her natal Neptune in the sixth house. That would explain a few things to me.

But I’m speculating! Sometimes I just can’t help myself from trying to rationalize how people become irrational. If anything is going to drive me crazy, it’s going to be that. I should just learn to leave well enough alone . . .

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