666 (source: healthgrades.com)

Today is the sixth anniversary of this blog.

I like the number six. In numerology, it corresponds to Venus. As someone with Libra rising, that explains why I consider it one of my lucky numbers. I was also born on the 6th day of ’66. I know, right?

Anyway, I still love writing this blog. It’s a great way to put my thoughts out into the universe while also keeping a log of all the fascinating things that go through my head. What’s more, writing every day keeps my skills sharp. Whenever I actually have to write something, it is no longer the chore that it once was. I’m so accustomed to doing it that it has become second nature to me.

Nevertheless, I have been trying to get motivated to write about something other than myself lately. I’ve gone through a few years where the planets turned my attention inward, but that era is swiftly coming to an end. Saturn’s last retrograde phase in my fourth house begins tomorrow, marking the beginning of the end of this introspective stage of my life. Maybe I’ll get back to my old habits as a result. It would be nice to become the publicity whore I once was when the ruler of my Capricorn sun finally moves into my fifth house. A lot of astrologers would view that ingress as something that would thwart an individual’s ability to seek out the spotlight. I can see it making me work a lot harder to turn the attention of the world back onto my unique skill set.

And that skill set includes blogging! Maybe by the time I’m writing a post called “Seven, Seven, Seven!” I’ll be a lot more eager to toot my own horn like I was when I discovered blogging more than fifteen years ago. Back then, it was my playful, Venusian side that made me a success right out of the gate. I need to rediscover that facet of my personality.

Soon . . .

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