Jane Fonda (source: CTV News)

December 21 is Jane Fonda’s birthday.

I adore Jane Fonda. I once met her in a one-on-one encounter at a ski resort when I was fourteen. I’ll never forget how kind she was to me.

I’ve known that she has her natal Mars in Aquarius for a while now. I’ve studied how Mars in the natal chart affects the activities we choose to maintain our own physical fitness. A lot of people who make careers in group fitness share that planetary position with Mars somehow highlighted in their horoscope. Mine, for instance, is conjoined with Venus in Aquarius in the fourth house, and Venus happens to be my ruling planet. It’s no surprise that I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1986, and that my gym has been my “home-away-from-home” for the past three decades. Jane Fonda’s natal Mars is in her first house where it forms one component of a spectacular Yod that includes the sun, with Jupiter and Pluto neatly lined up along her ascendant/descendant axis. It’s no surprise that she virtually transformed the fitness industry in the eighties.

What interests me even more about her chart, however, is that she has her natal Mercury in Capricorn exactly conjunct my natal sun to the minute: 15°34″. Since our meeting, I’ve always felt as if we were kindred spirits. Perhaps that Mercury alignment has something to do with it.

We do have something else in common that I would like to point out, and I don’t know if this has anything to do with astrology or that specific point in our charts. Both of us have the ability to admit that we may have held political positions in the past that do not necessarily align with our ideals today. In politics in general (and especially in American politics), being able to admit that you were wrong about something is the most difficult thing anyone can do. If it wasn’t, then it probably would happen more often.

One of the things that defines the sign of Capricorn is constant evolution. With my natal sun and Fonda’s natal Mercury smack dab in the middle of the sign, perhaps we understand that concept better than most people. Despite my know-it-all shtick, I know that I am the farthest thing from perfect. If this Capricorn “era” that ended with Saturn’s ingress into Aquarius a couple of days ago has taught me anything, it’s that my support for conservative economic policies in the past was misplaced because I did not understand how much so-called “conservatives” protect generational wealth through an agenda that depends upon the oppression of others. The past couple of years has been a wake-up call for me.

Jane Fonda has had a few wake-up calls throughout her life, too. And yet her critics focus on the misguided idealism of her youth — a Sagittarian characteristic if I’ve ever seen one. When I see some twenty-something MAGAt ranting on Twitter about Fonda’s activism in the sixties and seventies, my eyes roll into the back of my head. Just wait until those fucking idiots find out what it’s like to make a mistake!

Anyway, I have photo of Jane Fonda from when we met that I should dig up. I want to send it to her to see if she remembers me. Chances are that she was as inspired by me as I was by her. I have that effect on people . . .

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