This event reoccurs tomorrow — this time for good. I can’t fucking wait!

Star Struck Style

21366Glacier (source: National Geographic)

Pluto moved into my fourth house this morning. While it won’t remain there for long because of its upcoming retrograde cycle, it’s going to be spending most of the next twenty-three years in that sector of my horoscope once it makes its permanent move past my IC around the same time the sun enters Capricorn at the end of the year.

What can I expect from this monumental shift of planetary energy in my chart? Well, probably not a lot at first. Pluto moves at a glacial pace, so I’m not looking forward to a sudden change in my circumstances. Nevertheless, change is afoot, especially because the planet is currently conjunct one of the angles on my chart. That is probably far more significant astrologically than the actual shift of the planet from one house to the next.

Still, I can’t help myself from looking…

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