Leila Goldkuhl for Tom Ford (source: Twitter)

Yesterday, I published a post about how I feel “above it all” when fights break out on Twitter, alluding to a feud between two prominent astrologers over popular house systems. Today, I woke up with the sun in Sagittarius (it moved there yesterday afternoon where I live), and no desire to blog whatsoever.

If I were to use the whole sign house system, that would mean that the sun was now in my communicative third house. Why then I have I avoided sitting down to write a blog post for the past five hours? I never do anything like that! If I miss publishing a post, there’s usually a more complicated reason than “I didn’t feel like writing anything.”

I know that my own experience with house systems doesn’t justify why you or anyone else would choose one system over the other, but that’s all I’ve got. And if you scroll through all the posts I’ve written over the past four years, you’ll find plenty of posts where I discuss how the Placidus system has proven itself to me personally over and over again. Maybe you’ll actually understand why decades of experience has helped me to choose one system over the other.

For that reason, I’m not going to participate in any of these discussions on Twitter. I’d rather just use the site to catch up on what my favorite Capricorn models are doing lately (like Leila Goldkuhl who is starring in the new “Ocean Plastic” campaign for Tom Ford). Twitter is genuinely the worst place for astrologers to fight, anyway. With the sun in boisterous Sagittarius now, we could all use social media to be a little more social for the next few weeks instead of getting into arguments over which tribe we’ve chosen to join. On the bright side, people tend to forgive and forget when the sun transits the sign of the centaur, often gaining wisdom and insight along the way.

Let’s hope that’s the case this Sagittarius season. I’m so tired of all the arguing!

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