I need to investigate this cusp of my horoscope because I don’t feel like blogging again today. What’s there that makes me feel so uninspired?

Star Struck Style

Leila Goldkuhl for Tom Ford (source: Twitter)

Yesterday, I published a post about how I feel “above it all” when fights break out on Twitter, alluding to a feud between two prominent astrologers over popular house systems. Today, I woke up with the sun in Sagittarius (it moved there yesterday afternoon where I live), and no desire to blog whatsoever.

If I were to use the whole sign house system, that would mean that the sun was now in my communicative third house. Why then I have I avoided sitting down to write a blog post for the past five hours? I never do anything like that! If I miss publishing a post, there’s usually a more complicated reason than “I didn’t feel like writing anything.”

I know that my own experience with house systems doesn’t justify why you or anyone else would choose one system over the other…

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