Whitney Rose (source: Bravo)

I was Tweeting back and forth with a friend during last night’s episode of the “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City.” He mentioned that he has already chosen two favorites amongst the cast, and I responded by telling him that I was thinking that Whitney would soon become my favorite. Within a couple of minutes, Whitney actually responded to another Tweet on D’Andra Simmons’ feed where I had made a comment suggesting that she might share D’Andra’s zodiac sign.

She’s not a Pisces. She’s a Libra. She told me herself!

I get that. One of the reasons I thought that she might be a Pisces is that she seemed a little “softer” than her castmates on the premiere episode. I was thinking that they might be steamrolling her in the very near future.

For that reason, I’m not even surprised that she’s a Libra because with the exception of the loudmouthed, boorish Kelly Dodd, most Libra women on these shows get steamrolled by their fellow housewives. The problem is that Libra women would like everyone to get along, and that’s actually the worst strategy to to adopt if you want to be a successful member of the “Real Housewives” franchise.

I’m not kidding! There hasn’t been a single Libra housewife on any of these shows who has become a legend for behaving like a Libra should behave. The two most-notorious Libra natives, Kelly Dodd and Monique Samuels, don’t really fit the bill (although Monique might get there once she deals with her own personal demons). Alex McCord, Kathy Wakile, Kathryn Edwards, Megan King Edmonds and Carlton Gebbia all presented a more Libra-like facade. Every one of them talked about how they would handle confrontations, but when it came time to put up or shut up, they typically backed away from their louder, more-aggressive opponents.

I don’t look at Libra natives as particularly passive individuals, but I do look at them as people who know how to choose their battles. That’s why I don’t understand Kelly Dodd: she fights with everyone over the smallest, most insignificant things. I do understand Monique Samuels, though, because Candiace Dillard would bring out the worst in me, too. In fact, my Libra sister who rarely has anything to say about these women loathes Candiace. Curiously, Dillard is a Sagittarius like Lisa Barlow — the housewife who Whitney was arguing with on last night’s episode of RHOSLC.

Anyway, I’m thrilled to know Whitney’s zodiac sign. Two episodes in, and I already know the zodiac signs of half the cast. That’s probably a record for me!

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