Credit Cards (source: Global News)

Something has come over me. For the past few weeks, I’ve been saying “Enough!” when it comes to shopping. I get something in my cart on an online shopping site, and I stop myself before I actually complete the purchase. I know, right?

I don’t believe that I’ve developed a newfound sense of frugality. Instead, I believe that I have recognized that I really don’t need much of anything.

I hope that I am able to continue on this current path once Mercury enters my second house this afternoon. I know that I can become rather decadent when it is transiting my second house alongside the sun. With American Black Friday just a week away, I should really try to control myself so that I don’t go crazy and put something on my credit card that I don’t need.

The big problem with second house transits is that “needs” and “wants” can become interchangeable in my mind. I can feed my emotional needs with things that make me feel better about myself. Can’t we all?

I am worried that if the province where I live reintroduces stricter restrictions because of COVID-19, I might slip into some of the bad habits I picked up during the last lockdown. About six months ago, I bought a Missoni hoodie, a Coach ski jacket, some Bally sneakers, a pair of Todd Snyder sweatpants, and a bunch of other things that I wanted. Yeah, I’m happy every one of those purchases, but I could actually justify why I needed them at the time (whether or not that justification makes sense in retrospect). Right now, I know that I need nothing.

I guess I’ll see if I feel that way in a week. I hope that I can remain sane during this especially challenging time in my life. Your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated while I try to keep it together.

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